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Managing Your Bridesmaids

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Connecticut Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be hard work. No bride would be complete without the wonderful help of her bridesmaids. But your bridesmaids must be managed in order for them to be successful. In many of our relationships, we may not have worked on a large project like planning a special event before. Weddings can also bring a lot of emotions to the surface. While you want to stay friends and stay close with your family members that are bridesmaids – you also want to manage them so that they are successful when you delegate any projects. Fortunately there are things you can do to manage your bridesmaids.

When managing your bridesmaids, keep in mind that each bridesmaid is different. One bridesmaid may require some check-in telephone calls and other bridesmaids may not. Just like all of our friendships and family relationships are different, the way you manage your bridesmaids needs to be an individual matter. Keep in mind that you want to motivate your bridesmaids for success. Thanking them for their hard work is very important. There may be times when you need extra help from them and they will be more likely to work harder for you if they feel extra appreciated and needed. Do nice things to make your bridesmaids feel special. Planning a special thank you lunch, brunch or dinner is a great idea during the planning stages – and make sure you don’t talk about tasks that need to get done. Just make this a fun lunch for the girls to enjoy.

If a bridesmaid has not completed tasks you have given her, try to put yourself in her shoes. Yes this is your wedding; this is your special day. Think before you speak. Have you put too much pressure on her? Have you given her a task that is outside her abilities or experience? Are you giving her too much to do when she has other pressures on her? Think of her needs before you make a comment. Ask her how you can help her get things done. You may be surprised. She may get the task done quickly or she may tell you why she is having trouble getting the task done – and you’ll see it is something that is easily solved. Either way you’ll realize this is something easily overcome.

A wedding can be a very stressful time for many brides. Today’s brides have careers, children and other obligations. They are busy 24/7 type of women. Brides need to be compassionate and understanding when managing their bridesmaids to maintain good relationships.

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