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Inexpensive Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Love

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Connecticut Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Why is it that everyone seems to get married at the same time? Doesn’t it feel like you have to go to three or four weddings during the same four week period? While it is fun to attend all of these wonderful celebrations, buying all of these wedding gifts can be very expensive. So what can you get the lovely couple that won’t cause you to take out a second mortgage? There are some great ideas of wedding gifts that are very popular with lots of couples.

A great wedding gift can be a DVD player. These have gotten quite inexpensive recently. Everyone seems to watch DVDs these days. To make your gift even more fun, add a year’s subscription to a video rental service – so they’ll have plenty of movies and videos to enjoy. This is a gift that many married couples will look forward to. Weddings can be so expensive that lots of married couples wind up living on a tighter budget after the wedding because they are still paying off the wedding costs. Having some built-in entertainment will be fun for the couple and they will certainly invite you over to watch movies for fun. This is a great gift idea, perfect for so many couples.

Another great gift idea is an espresso and coffee machine. So many people love their customized drinks. You can save a bundle if you make your special drink at home. Giving the couple a great machine will give them the ability to enjoy delicious espresso, lattes and cappuccinos whenever they want. If they really have a java habit this is a great way to save money for them for the future. They will also be able to treat themselves everyday with your gift. Your gift is a great way for them to think about you and your thoughtfulness everyday as they use this espresso and coffee machine.

Personalized stationary also makes a lovely gift. The bride typically changes her name when she gets married. Many couples move into a new place, winding up changing their address. So giving the bride and groom personalized stationary is a great gift idea that they will enjoy. They will be able to send out notes to their family and friends on this stationary. Remember they will have all of those thank you notes to write for all of those wedding gifts!

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